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Technical service : Products design for machine parts manufacturing/process
Technical service : simulation and software development
1) Process analysis and structural analysis of products for a variety of machine parts and design of electrical and electronic equipment
2) Optimum product and process design for superior performance products design for efficient production, reduce costs and superior
    performance products
3) Coupled analysis of two or more complex analysis
    (Casting + Forging, Continuous Casting + Rolling, Sheet metal forming + Structural analysis…)
4) CAE related programming and software development
    (Program interface, data mapping, automated linked solutions, user sub-routines development)

Simulation of materials processing technology

  • Cold-Hot Forging, forming process optimization
  • Near net shape preform optimization technology, die life assessment and improvement
  • Process design and new method development of large-scaled open die forging
  • Induction heating and heat treatment process simulation

Continuous coupled analysis (Casting ↔ Forging)

S/W development for coupled impact analysis of incremental forming

Development of various process analysis result data interface

Application-specific process CAE software development
  • Mutual interface development Casting and Rolling plastic forming simulation
  • Development of data mapping of simulation result
  • Development of linked solution for process automation