I would like to thank you for you to visit the Forge Master Korea website.

FMK has practiced the correct management based on fairness and transparency with the belief that ¡°All of us is the owners, the future ,and the resources of the company¡±.

In addition, our FMK field is a professional provider as a sales and technical service in CAE solutions area. FMK has supported design and simulation solution for all industrial field like as provides a wide range of needs-based specifications for production (metal forming / casting / injection molding) and Structural Safety (structure / durability / crash) and etc.

Finally, all of our engineers to improve FMK¡¯s technical support and service quality, we will always think the best solution and support from the customer perspective and promise.

Thank you.

"The best casting / forging / sheet metal / injection molding & FE processes design company¡±