Rem3D® is a software program for the simulation of injection processes. It enables the full injection cycle of polymers to be simulated through 3D resolution of finite elements. Thanks to this simulation you can create, analyze and optimize your process parameters and thereby increase your productivity.
With Rem3D® :
  • Reduce cycle time
    How? → For example: Use Rem3D® to determine the optimum dwell time for minimum strain.
  • Analyze your filling defects
    How? → For example: Use Rem3D® to simulate the filling of a complex mold in 3 dimensions and/or with major variations of thickness.
  • Reduce mold design time
    How? → For example: With Rem3D®, determine the best position for injectors and coolers and/or heating cartridges.
  • Optimize your injection process
    How? → For example: Determine the required follow-up pressure thanks to Rem3D, and consequently reduce the clamping force so as to be able to increase the number of cavities per cluster.
Thanks to Rem3D® you can simulate your standard injection processes but also more complex processes:
  • Water-assisted injection molding
  • Gas-assisted injection molding
  • Co-injection
  • Multi-injection
    (no limit on the number of injectors or materials)
  • Injection-Expansion of polyurethane foams
    (module co-developed with and validated by DOW Chemical Company)
  • Injection of fiber-reinforced polymers
    (possibility of exporting results for mechanical computation with eXstream)
  • Injection of thermosetting materials
  • Injection-Compression
  • Duplicate molding of inserts
Proven efficiency in the prediction of:
· underfilling
With a very accurate 3-dimensional method for representation of melt front progression during the filling phase.

· thickness of materia
With a consideration of the complex coupling between changes in rheological and temperature parameters and polymer flow during the cycle.

· shrinkage and warpage
With an easy viewing of shrinkage, warpage and residual stresses after complete cooling.

· fiber orientations
With a fiber orientation computation it is possible to view the orientation tensor during the injection phase in an ellipsoid form (export for mechanical computations with eXstream possible).

· complex phenomena of "jet buckling-type" and "fluid buckling-type"
This realistic representation is achieved thanks to a fully automated anisotropic meshing adaption technology, integrated in Rem3®. These phenomena are undetectable with 2.5D software-type, but critical for the final appearance of the parts.

This technique, based on error minimization, has been developed by a scientific research laboratory at the leading edge of digital methodology: CEMEF, the laboratory of the Ecole des Mines de Paris specialized in material forming.
Like all Transvalor software, Rem3D® also means:
  • High levels of performance and modularity based on multi-core processing for greater accuracy of simulation and/or a larger number of simulations, or so as to obtain data relevant for the simulation of later manufacturing stages.
  • Fully parallelizable computations, tested on a large number of cores (>64) and on a variety of platforms: Windows x32, Windows x64 and Linux.
  • Use of unlimited Pre-and Postprocessors.
  • Fast, simple installation of new process simulations and easy performance of analysis by simulation of existing processes.

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